Revelo folding THINstem

Folds your bike flat


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Folding stem for 1″ and 1.25″ handlebars

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NOTE: We are currently out of THINstem for 1.25″ handlebars, and are working with the manufacturer on the next shipment. Readers of the Flatbike monthly newsletter will be the first to know when restock arrives. (THINstems for older bikes are fine).

The average bike takes up almost 15 square feet (5 ft x 3 ft). That’s considerable space indoors even in a large garage; In an apartment or cubicle, it’s massive–enough to send your precious bike outside.

The Revelo THINstem changes everything. True to the original Flatbike mission of flattening your existing bike, this add-on stem pivots your handlebars 90 degrees in seconds with no tool, so your bike fits against a wall. It pairs well with pop-off pedals, which come automatically with every CHANGE bike, but we also sell separately at Flatbike.

Even if your bike already folds in half, like with a CHANGE bike, this is a useful add-on for those times when you have enough linear space to leave the wheel on, but not enough width for the handlebars. (We have one on each of our bikes–one beside the car in the garage, and the other bike in the hallway behind the door.)

NOTE #1: If you have a CHANGE 702 commuter bike, get the 1″. If you have any other CHANGE bike, or any bike with a newer MTB style handlebar, get the 1.25″.

NOTE #2: These are to replace “threadless” stems, where the fork tube extends above the frame. If your bike is older, and has a “quill” stem instead, you’ll need a quill stem adapter first.


  1. Keep your bike indoors to protect it from the elements.
  2. Store your bike cleanly against any open wall.
  3. Put more bikes in less space in a crowded garage.
  4. Carry more bikes neatly on a car bike rack.
  5. Slip your bike easily into “full” bike racks outside your dorm or classroom.



  1. Steerer tube 1 1/8″ (28.6mm) to a 1″ (25.4mm) handlebar
  2. Length: 90mm (forward leaning)
  3. Weight: 11.45 oz, 325 grams


  1. Both sizes steerer tube 1 1/8″ (28.6mm) to a 1.25″ (31.8mm) handlebar
  2. Length: 70mm (upright)
  3. Weight: 12 oz, 340 grams    or   12.3 oz, 349 grams

How to install a THINstem