When your everyday bike folds in half, magic happens.


September 15th 2021

Bob Forgrave

A sporty bike that folds in half goes more places. It gets used more. And it’s a better investment in whatever you need your bike to do.

All CHANGE bikes are full-size bikes that can fit in half the space, yet are ruggedness-certified. They include pop-off pedals, a carry bag, and a seat bag for pedals or phone.

Which bike is right for you?

Bikes for Road Riding

Built on a folding road frame, these 23-lb bikes are designed for fast, easy commuting or sport riding on paved roads or fine-gravel trails. And then they fold in half in 30 seconds!

The CHANGE 702 folding commuter bike folds in 30 seconds and features 700c wheels, 24-speed (3*8) Shimano gearing and a kickstand that latches your bike into folded position.


The CHANGE Century folding road bike is designed for comfortable 100-mile rides. It features drop bars with cork tape, 2*11 Shimano 105 gearing, 700c wheels with 28mm tires, carbon fork, folding stem, and pop-off pedals.

Bikes for Rough Road Riding

Rugged touring bikes. Gravel bikes. All-terrain bikes. Whatever you call them, these 27.5″ wheel bikes are designed to handle anything resembling a road or trail. How light do you want your bike?

The CHANGE 809 folding MTB is the mountain bike that handles any weight rider, yet folds in half when you’re done. This 32-lb bike features internal cabling, mechanical disc brakes, shock fork, 1.5″ tires, 27-speed (3*9) Shimano gearing, and pop-off pedals.

The CHANGE 811 folding rugged hybrid features a carbon fork for a light 27 lbs overall weight. It features internal cabling, mechanical disc brakes, 1.5″ tires, 27-speed (3*9) Shimano gearing, and pop-off pedals.

Bikes for Off-Road Riding

Muddy trails. Rocky areas that might be trails. Wherever you feel the urge to explore off the beaten track, this 30-lb rugged hardtail MTB with 27.5″ wheels will take you there.

The CHANGE 812 folding performance mountain bike features hydraulic brakes, sturdy Mavic wheels, FOX air fork, 2.1″ tires, 20-speed (2*10) Shimano gearing, and pop-off pedals. Available in Pine Green and Arctic Blue.


Six Frequently Asked Bike Questions

Do you make these?
They are designed and manufactured by Changebike, Ltd in Taiwan. Flatbike represents CHANGE bikes and sometimes designs and builds new models based on CHANGE frames.

What’s the warranty like?
Five years on the frame (which Flatbike extends to a lifetime warranty). One year on components.

How much assembly is needed when I get it?
Mount the handlebars. Attach seat, pedals and front wheel by hand. You’re done!

How much is shipping?
FREE in the US & Canada. Discounted rates in rest of world. Check your country by adding a bike to your cart, entering your postal code, and selecting Calculate Shipping.

How long after my order until my bike arrives?
Typically one week in the US and Canada. We do a 14-point quality check and prep, then ship it by ground from the Seattle area.

Can we stay in touch by social media?
Absolutely. We are on Facebook and Instagram.

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